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The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games trilogy is a thrilling series. The series follows the story of a girl called Katniss Everdeen whose life is turned around after she becomes a tribute in the annual Hunger Games, a game set up by The Capitol to keep the districts in order. Katniss wins the Hunger Games with, for the first time ever, another tribute. Usually only one person leaves the arena. The other person is a boy named Peeta who Katniss soon befriends.

images catching fire

In the Hunger Games part 2, Catching Fire, Katniss and Peeta are sent back into the games for the quarter quell, which happens every twenty-five years. Their instructer, Haymitch, was in the last quarter quell and knows what it is like. In the arena they meet Finick, Joanna and Beetee who soon become Katniss and Peeta’s allies. They devise a plan so they can all get out alive but Haymitch has other ideas. Katniss ends up destroying the arena.


Mockingjay is the last in the trilogy, so named because Katniss has become the face of the rebels. The rebels are an army set up in the once empty district thirteen. They are fighting against The Capitol to over throw President Snow, the ruler over all of Panem. In the attempt to save herself and Peeta, Katniss has ended up losing him to The Capitol. She is determined to save Peeta and so demands that the rebels send a rescue team to rescue Peeta and some of the others who were captured. But, when he is back he is not the Peeta she once loved. The Capitol has changed him and he now thinks it was Katniss who caused this entire war. He is even trying to turn Katniss’ beloved sister Prim against her. She decides to go to The Capitol and fight in person. This back fires and she ends up losing some of her closest friends. But, she still has Peeta who is slowly coming back to her. She gets to the President’s mansion where the final battle has already begun.

The-Hunger-Games-Mockingjay-Part-1-Poster The Hunger Games is now a major motion picture.

katniss-everdeen-the-hunger-games-red-outfit Starring Jennifer Laurence as Katniss.

The films are great but the books are better.


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  1. Hello and welcome to WordPress…I am guilty, I haven’t even picked up one of the books or watched any of the shows….I am a huge fan of paranormal and scifi….after reading your post I am going to order the first book…I love reading series…I just finished reading a 5 book series called FableHaven by Branden Mull…easy ready but very interesting fantasy about a couple kids…and grandparents and fantasy……anyway…welcome…and good post…kat

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